Best Places to Find a Job


Ever thought about moving for a job? Seriously, picking up stakes and going where the getting is good. I have found that many great towns for working in your 50s and beyond are college towns with thriving medical centers—both good omens for job seekers. Then, too, state capitals, where government jobs are plentiful, or regions where world-class health care centers dominate have often bypassed economic declines and are good job hunting grounds.

Physically moving could be a good career move. If you’re starting an encore career, you’ve lost a job, have accepted an early-retirement package, or are a retiree or soon-to-be retiree facing a smaller retirement account than you need to see you through, this may be worth taking into consideration.

Even if you’ve just barely passed the big 50, this might be your time to get a jumpstart on finding a place where you might like to live in retirement. Sure, relocating now to where you want to live in 10 or more years from now might seem like jumping the gun, but if work is what you’re after, it’s worth doing some research. You’ll want to job hunt in regions with below-average unemployment and a steady record of job creation over the past decade. Consider, too, the cost of living, access to top-notch medical facilities, and leisure activities.

College towns in particular are great places to live and work in ...

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