Great. That’s a word that fascinates me.

We all know what it means to have a great time. You can have a great time at a Rolling Stones concert, at a friend’s 50th birthday party, or on a Caribbean vacation. But can you have a great job?

Is there work that’s really great? You bet. But what constitutes greatness is up to you to interpret and define in context to your own life.

For me, it’s something I lose track of time doing. Something that, well, doesn’t feel like work. It doesn’t have to be a passion, but it’s nice if it is. It should be something that adds to your life—whether it’s a financial or psychic boost.

Finding a job that works for you, rather than the other way around, is a goal worth pursuing. In the next 10 chapters, I will take you down that path of discovery.

You’ll meet people who have retired and are working in part-time jobs they take real pleasure in—jobs that help build the bank account until they no longer need, or want, to work. And you’ll meet those who may have left one career, but have set off on another one with just as much determination.

Most of the people I’ve interviewed for this book told me that flexibility is the essential ingredient in a job. It’s the ability to work from home, part-time, or for just a few months a year that they’re after. As a result, I’ve geared several chapters to jobs that fall into that category. The lion’s ...

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