Landing a job is not a matter of luck. It’s that oft repeated phrase—it’s when preparation meets opportunity.

I’ve written this workshop for people who want to think and plan ahead in order to find a great job. In these next chapters, you’ll find tips on resume writing, revving up your web job hunting skills, interviewing dos and don’ts, and how to find a mentor to guide you, among other job-seeking strategies.

My hope is that you will use my specific suggestions to learn new ways to job hunt with confidence—with an appropriate dollop of swagger—and to make thoughtful long-range decisions about the kind of work you choose to do. I will also help you make the best decisions with your personal finances. Why? Because when your financial world is in order, you’ll have the flexibility and control to make the right career choices. These steps pose challenging questions that I hope you will take the time to ask yourself as you read along.

In my previous book, What’s Next? Follow Your Passion and Find Your Dream Job, I profiled peopled who radically and successfully changed their working lives in their 50s and beyond. I wrote about what they did to make the turn a winning one. Career change is an underlying theme for many people who are contemplating what they want to do in their next act.

So I decided to kick off this workshop with my advice on starting ...

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