The invitation to write this book came to me courtesy of Andy Peart at Wiley Blackwell in 2011. Thanks Andy for reaching out then, and for all your support and encouragement since. I'm also grateful to the diligent editors who helped bring the book to fruition: Karen Shield, Leah Morin, and Alta Bridges.

I'm extremely fortunate to have benefited from the experience and knowledge of the series editors for this book: Professors Scott Lilienfeld and Steve Lynn. Their 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology (co-written with John Ruscio and Barry Beyerstein) set the standard for books in this genre, and they've been a trusted source of authority and encouragement through the writing process.

A small group of wise friends and colleagues read specific chapters for me and I'm indebted to them for their time and expert guidance: Tom Stafford, Karen Hux, Uta Frith, Jon Simons, and Charles Fernyhough. Many other researchers, too numerous to mention, helped me out by sending me their journal articles, or answering my queries. Any mistakes that remain are all mine.

I would like to draw attention to the various talented, expert bloggers who debunk brain myths on an almost daily basis, and some of whom I quote in the book: Neuroskeptic, Neurocritic, Neurobonkers, Vaughan Bell at Mind Hacks, Matt Wall at Neurobollocks, Dean Burnett and Mo Costandi at The Guardian, plus many more. Kudos to them all. Also special thanks to the historians Charles Gross and Stanley Finger, whose works I turned ...

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