Chapter 7Green Radio

Taewon Hwang1, Guowang Miao2, Hyunsung Park1, Younggap Kwon1 and Nageen Himayat3

1Yonsei University, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Seoul, Korea

2KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Communications Department, Stockholm, Sweden

3Intel Corporation, Intel Labs, Santa Clara, USA

7.1 Energy-Efficient Design for Single-User Communications

Shannon theory provides some insights into the fundamental limits on minimum energy per bit required for reliable transmission for a single-user link. Based on the Shannon capacity formula, the data rate of an ideal band-limited additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) channel is given as follows:


where c07-math-0002 is the channel bandwidth, c07-math-0003 the transmission power, c07-math-0004 the channel power gain, and c07-math-0005 the noise spectral density. From a system-design perspective, c07-math-0006 and are usually given and and can be controlled by an appropriate transceiver ...

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