106 Grid Computing Products and Services
6.1 Introduction
Virtualization Engine (VE) is an IBM suite, a set of systems, products, and
technologies that work together in a comprehensive way to provide a seamless
and unified side of the IT infrastructure. This reduces the complexity of allocating
new resources to applications, as all of these resources are dealt within the same
fashion. It also allows easier monitoring and management of the IT resources.
As shown on Figure 6-1, VE has three major groups of virtualization technologies
and products:
򐂰 Systems services
򐂰 Systems technologies
򐂰 Operating systems
Figure 6-1 Groups of virtualization
System services
System services’ products and technologies are higher level components in the
stack of infrastructure layers. This set of components is intended to create the
environment to run applications, manage the complexity of the technology, and
create a unified repository of storage resources. There are two main groups of
elements: those related to servers and those related to storage.
Note: The IBM Virtualization Engine utilizes key IBM virtualization
technologies, making a comprehensive approach available to enterprise-wide
virtualization that is consistent across heterogeneous environments.
Complete information about IBM Virtualization Solutions are presented at the
following Web site:

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