Method name

Parameter types

Return type

  putAt EmptyRange, Collection void
  putAt EmptyRange, Object void
  putAt IntRange, Collection void
  putAt IntRange, Object void
  putAt List, List void
  putAt List, Object void
  putAt int, Object void
  removeAt int Object
  reverse _ List
  reverse Boolean List
  reverseEach Closure List
  split Closure List
  subsequences _ Set
  swap int, int List
  tail _ List
  take int List
  takeRight int List
  takeWhile Closure List
  toSpreadMap _ SpreadMap
  toUnique _ List
  toUnique Closure List
  toUnique Comparator List
  transpose _ List
  unique _ List
  unique Closure List
  unique Comparator List
unique Boolean List ...

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