Chapter 10

High Pressure for Vacuum Consolidation Method Using Air-Water Separation System

Nipon Teerachaikulpanich1; Toshiaki Kosaka2    1 Thai Maruyama Industry Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand2 Geotechnical Engineering Department, Dia Consultants, Sendai, Japan


Ground improvement by the vacuum consolidation method has been used widely over last decade. The original system, proposed by Kjellman Swedish engineer in 1952, was a prototype for further development in many parts of the world. The vacuum consolidation method was intensively developed from 1988 ~ 1992. Between 1990 and 2000, the system could produce a vacuum pressure at the pump and under an airtight sheet of around 80 kPa and 60 kPa, respectively. However, over time it was ...

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