Note: Page numbers followed by f indicate figures and t indicate tables.


and DDCs 592, 592f
embankments construction 110–111
soil and soil–drain interface 105–106
Tianjin Port 19
and vertical drain 218–220
Acid sulfate tests, NBR embankment 370–371, 372t
Airbus site, 2000–2002 
construction 457–458, 458f
long-term settlement 459–460
settlements vs. dike height 458, 459f
soil parameters 457, 457t
typical dike cross section at 457, 457f
AIT-type piezometer (AP) 181
Alluvial clay 498–499, 499f
Alluvial deposits 3
A2 motorway embankment, 2010–2011 
cross section 471, 472f
geotechnical measuring program 474
installation 473, 473f
longitudinal profile 471, 472f
moveable ring vibrator 473, 473f
possible explanation for 474
sacrificial ...

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