7. energizing the groundswell

Jim Noble is a hard-nosed computer security engineer from Georgia. He’s a frequent traveler, a real “get-’er-done” kind of a guy, which is why it’s so surprising to hear him talk with real enthusiasm about his luggage.

Sit next to him on a plane, and once he wedges his six-foot, three-inch, 300-pound frame into the seat, he’ll tell you about his laptop bag. He calls it “an impromptu sales demo.” First, you’ll hear about how the “pumpkin-vomit-colored” interior (his words) makes it easy to see whether one of those dozens of little computer accessories has been left inside. “There isn’t a wasted square centimeter on this bag,” he says. And on and on until you ask him to stop.

How did Jim turn into a luggage evangelist? ...

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