Chapter 3. GPMC 2.0—Filtering, Comments, and Starter GPOs

In the Chapter 2, you learned how to do most of the important daily tasks with the GPMC. In this chapter, we'll explore the new features that you'll get with the GPMC 2.0.

As a quick refresher from Chapter 1, you can get the GPMC 2.0 in one of two ways:

  • It's built into Windows Server 2008 machines.

  • It's available for download and installation if your machine is already a Windows Vista + Service Pack 1. That download is called the Remote Server Administration Tools, or RSAT.

You should already have the GPMC 2.0 if you followed the directions in Chapter 1, where I showed you how to load it within Windows Server 2008 or, with Windows Vista + SP1, how to get the RSAT tools that contain the ...

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