Chapter 12

Ten Key Benefits of the Growth Hacking Methodology


Bullet Helping your business

Bullet Helping your customer

Bullet Improving your product

In this chapter, I summarize ten important benefits that the growth hacking methodology provides to organizations and products. Keep in mind that, in order to take full advantage of the growth hacking process, you need to have buy-in at the highest levels of the organization and establish trust with other teams so that you can focus everyone’s efforts on whatever delivers the greatest value to your customers.

A Focus on Process versus Tactics

If you take away only one lesson from this book, I hope that it’s this: Growth hacking is a process. Sustainable growth can come only from growing value for your customers on an ongoing basis. The growth process helps you understand where the strategic focus of your team’s growth efforts should be, which in turn produces ideas for you to test that lead to specific tactical decisions for your team to act on.

Remember Tactics, on their own and without the benefit of a strategy, are like a rudderless boat with ...

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