Growth or Bust

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Now more than ever, company leaders need fresh ideas about how to grow their organization-s sales and profits. Growth or Bust! is a manual that can be used by any company leader for finding untapped growth potentials.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Contents
  7. Foreword
  8. Introduction
  9. Chapter 1: The Echeloned Innovation Process
    1. 7 Parts of Building an Innovation Culture
    2. 7 Principles of Innovation
    3. 7 Innovation Skills
    4. The 7-Step Echelon Innovation Process
    5. 7 Rules for a Productive Idea-Formation Session
    6. Leading the Echelon Innovation Process
  10. Chapter 2: The Echeloned Strategy Process
    1. How to Construct a Vision of Significant Growth
    2. Communicating the Growth or Turnaround Vision
    3. How a Clear and Focused Mission can Accelerate Growth
    4. How to Create and Reinforce a Set of Growth-Oriented Values and Commitments
    5. The Read & Rip Method
    6. The Echeloned Role Exercise
    7. Maintaining Focus With the Semi-Annual Role Focus 12 Letter
    8. Facilitating and Building Your Growth Period
  11. Chapter 3: Echeloned Growth Objectives
    1. The 7 Essential Areas of Objectives
    2. Accelerate Innovation and Growth With Stretch Targets for Management and Sales
    3. Identify the Critical Success Factor in Every Strategic Growth Objective
    4. Set Clear Growth-Focused Metrics for Each of Your Growth Objectives
    5. Set Stretch Timelines Behind Each of Your Growth Objectives
    6. Growth Objectives From the Bottom Up
    7. Accelerate Growth Management by Turning Managers Into Strategic Growth Coaches
    8. Prioritizing or Defining One Central Growth Objective
  12. Chapter 4: Growth Strategy and Turnaround as a Continuous Process
    1. Focus on Quarter-by-Quarter Progress and Realignment
    2. Use Customer Depth Interviews
    3. Involve All of Your Team
    4. Going Off-Site to Get in Sync and on Course
    5. Prioritizing Objectives
    6. The Growth Power of Knowing Your Constraints
  13. Chapter 5: Echeloned Service Impressions
    1. Assess Your Customers’ Impressions
    2. Know the Potentials—Industry Bests and Averages
    3. Set Your Service Objectives
    4. Stealing From Your Competition—Legally
    5. When Service Quality Is Not Job 1
    6. Marketing Your Distinctive Service
    7. Incentivizing Service Excellence
    8. Maintaining Service Excellence
    9. Fix Internal Service Breakdowns to Stop External Breakdowns
  14. Chapter 6: Echeloned Depth Interviews
    1. Strategically Mining Customer Potential
    2. What Depth Interviews Are and Are Not
    3. The Limitations of Traditional Interviewing Techniques
    4. The Ideal Interviewer
    5. Whom to Interview
    6. Use Depth Interviews to Improve Your Positioning and Competitive Awareness
    7. Capture New Customer Share With Face-to-Face C-Level Interviews
  15. Chapter 7: Growth-Oriented Targeting
    1. Ensure Your Team Is Focused on the Best New Growth Potentials
    2. Customer and Market Segmentation
    3. Knowing Who Your Ideal Customers Are
    4. Leveraging the Targeting Process to Increase Sales and Effectiveness With the Three-20s Tactic
    5. How to Foster Balance Bewteen Short-Term and Long-Term Business
  16. Chapter 8: Growth Through Innovations in Marketing
    1. Synergizing and Echeloning Your Marketing and Sales Teams
    2. Marketing Drip Strategies That Soften Aggressive Sales Landings
    3. A/B Test
    4. Getting Testimonials
    5. Focus on Value Instead of Pricing
    6. A Goal of Marketing
  17. Chapter 9: Increasing Sales Productivity
    1. Productivity Improvement Is Not the Panacea
    2. Wielding Your Strategic Abandonment Sword
    3. Echeloned Quiet Hours
    4. Using Priority Management to Accomplish the Turnaround Strategy
    5. Stretch Days, Weeks, or Months Can Increase Productivity
    6. Get Your Team in Front of More Prospective Customers
    7. Break the Glass Ceiling of Commission Caps
  18. Chapter 10: Echeloning Your Sales Groups for Accelerated Growth
    1. Team Selling Calls
    2. Get Sales Managers to Better Serve Their Primary Customer
    3. Accelerate Sales Innovations With Echeloning Sessions
    4. Ensure You Have the Right People on Your Sales Team
  19. Chapter 11: Stop Selling Products and Start Selling Profit
    1. Creating a Culture Focused on Customer Profit Builds Your Profits
    2. Presidential Commitment to a Value-Focused Philosophy
    3. Profitability Values and Objectives
    4. Foster Innovation in Proposals and Pricing With Options
    5. Use Well-Structured Options to Reduce Price Haggling and Protect Profits
    6. Using Partnering Plans to Secure the Next Purchase
    7. Use the F.O.C.U.S. Questioning Vocabulary
    8. An ROI Analysis With Customers Can Improve Customer Retention
    9. Top Leaders Set the Focus and Drive the Agenda
  20. Chapter 12: Aiming for Growth With Your Sales Team
    1. The Stretch Target Concept
    2. Get Sales Producers to Think in Terms of Quantum Leaps
    3. Build Sales Stretch Plans That Aim for Quantum Leaps
    4. Set Blue-Sky Objectives
    5. What Matters to the Top Leader
  21. Chapter 13: The Role of the Turnaround Leader
    1. A Look at the Leader: Five Impediments to Turnaround Growth
    2. Humility, the Sire of All Virtue
    3. Key Actions of a True Turnaround Leader
  22. In Closing
  23. Index
  24. About the Author

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  • Title: Growth or Bust
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2011
  • Publisher(s): Career Press
  • ISBN: 9781601631626