Models for Success 149
The performer’s state of readiness can be determined by
observing pre-performance rituals, ongoing behaviors, inter-
viewing the performer, testing the person’s knowledge relative
to the performance and expected outcomes, and reviewing
practice routines. Readiness is a critical factor in performance
improvement. Again, you can have all the tools and resources
available, but if the person does not want to or is not ready to
perform, either the performance will not occur or its results will
be less than desirable.
YES. After the first six factors are taken into account, and they
are all positive and aligned, then the performer decides to go
forward. This
YES decision only occurs after the performer
goes through the entire process described above. Now, this trip
through the mental processes of
MASTERY may not even be
done at the conscious level. Rest assured, though, that it will
be done. It is like a person who wants to buy something. The
seller has her agenda and wants to sell what she thinks the
buyer wants. But the buyer must go through a series of mental
processes related to motivation, decision making, and change
before he makes the purchase. Similarly, every performer goes
through a series of mental processes and decision-making
stages before he says, “Yes, I will perform this task to the best
of my ability.” And every time this decision is made and the task
is successfully completed, the reinforcement the performer
receives enables him to run through this mastery process even
faster next time.
One Last Thought
It really is not that difficult or frightening to be the person who
guarantees performance improvement. Since results matter,
and you are a seeker and an achiever of results, the desire and
ability to guarantee performance improvement should be a
challenge to you; one that you are willing to readily accept.
With the tools and techniques described in this book, you have
more than you require to achieve high levels of performance
and guarantee performance improvement when someone’s
performance is not up to acceptable levels. Start with your Ideal
150 Guaranteeing Performance Improvement
Vision—your Mega statement of how you will positively impact
society. Keep all your other visions and beliefs aligned with the
Mega or Ideal Vision. This will provide you with a tremendous
guide throughout your journey to perfect performance. Next,
know what is expected of you when you perform or what is
expected of people you are coaching. Clearly communicate
those expectations and identify the motivational factors that can
help or hinder performance. Create the conditions for a per-
former to optimize his or her talents and strengths. Use the
various job aids and tools in this last chapter to help you
become one of the few people in the world who is willing to
guarantee performance improvement. You will be more than
satisfied at how well you and everyone around you is now per-
I guarantee it.

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