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Guitar for Songwriters

Book Description

Whether you're a beginning guitarist/songwriter or have been at it for a while, you'll find a wealth of tips and techniques for exploring and expanding your musical creativity in GUITAR FOR SONGWRITERS. Guitarist, composer, and teacher Leo Cavanagh is your guide on this tour of chords and chord progressions that will help you expand your use of guitar for composing and accompanying. The more you know about chords and how they go together, the stronger a songwriting tool your guitar will become. From basic chords through power chords, bar chords, and jazz chords, this book uses common progressions and good voicings to demonstrate the possibilities of the guitar. It includes the harmonized scale, chord construction, and various accompaniment styles. Whether you want to play in different keys, find a jazzy sounding progression, or just add that one special chord to a song, GUITAR FOR SONGWRITERS can help.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Author
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. Chapter 1 The Basic Chords: Major, Minor, and Seventh
    1. The Basic Major Chords for Guitar
    2. The Basic Minor Chords for Guitar
    3. The Basic Seventh Chords for Guitar
    4. Exercises Mixing Major, Minor, and Seventh Chords
  9. Chapter 2 I, IV, and V
    1. Exercises with I, IV, and V Major Chords
    2. I, IV, and V in Minor
    3. I, IV, and V with Seventh Chords
    4. I, IV, and V with Mixed Chord Types
  10. Chapter 3 The Harmonized Scale
    1. Some Common Progressions Using the Harmonized Scale
    2. The Harmonized Scale in Minor Keys
    3. Some Common Progressions in Minor Keys
  11. Chapter 4 Power Chords
  12. Chapter 5 Accompaniment Styles
    1. Strumming
    2. Muting and Accents
    3. Bass Notes
    4. Descending Bass Lines
    5. Fingerpicking
    6. Common Fingerpicking Patterns
    7. Styles
  13. Chapter 6 Bar Chords Part I: The Basics—Major, Minor, and Seventh Chords in All Keys
    1. Form 1 Bar Chords with the Root on the Sixth String
    2. Form 1 Bar Chord Diagrams
    3. Getting Comfortable with Bar Chords
    4. Form 1 Bar Chord Exercises
    5. Muting
    6. Form 2 Bar Chords with the Root on the Fifth String
    7. Form 2 Bar Chord Diagrams
    8. Form 2 Bar Chord Exercises
    9. Form 3 Bar Chords
    10. Form 3 Bar Chord Diagrams
    11. Form 3 Bar Chord Exercises
  14. Chapter 7 Bar Chords Part II: Putting Them Together
    1. Bar Chord Diagrams, All Forms
    2. Using Bar Chords to Transpose
    3. Bar Chord Exercises Using All Forms
    4. Harmonized Scale Progressions Using Form 1 and 2 Bar Chords
    5. Finding I, IV, and V Quickly with Bar Chords
    6. Exercises with I, IV, and V7 Bar Chords in All Keys
  15. Chapter 8 Chord Construction: How to Build Chords and Find Good Voicings
    1. How Chords Are Built
    2. Major Chords
    3. Some Voicings of Major Chords
    4. Minor Chords
    5. Some Voicings of Minor Chords
    6. Dominant Seventh Chords
    7. Some Voicings of Dominant Seventh Chords
    8. Chord Voicings
    9. Notes to Omit
    10. I-IV Examples with Different Voicings
    11. Ways to Play I-IV-V7-IV Up the Neck
    12. Playing I, IV, and V in Minor Keys
    13. Ways to Play Im-IVm-V7-IVm Up the Neck
  16. Chapter 9 More Chord Formulas
    1. About Chord Formulas
    2. Major-Type Chord Formulas
    3. Major-Type Chords
    4. Minor-Type Chord Formulas
    5. Minor-Type Chords
    6. Dominant Chord Formulas
    7. Dominant-Type Chords
  17. Chapter 10 Jazz Chords and Progressions: Adding Some Spice
    1. II-V-I
    2. The Circle of Fifths
    3. IIm7-V7 Progressions
    4. IIm7-V7-IMaj7 Exercises
    5. Embellishing and Substituting Chords
    6. IIm7-V7-IMaj7 Substitutions
    7. II-V-I in Minor Keys
    8. IIm7(♭5)-V7-Im7 Progressions and Substitutions
  18. Chapter 11 More Chords, Progressions, and Ideas
    1. Diminished Chords
    2. Augmented Chords
    3. Embellishing or Simplifying
    4. Moving Voices within Chords
    5. Minor Chords with Moving Voices
  19. Chapter 12 The Blues
    1. The Basic Blues Progression
    2. A Blues Progression with More Changes
    3. The Blues with Dominant Seventh Chords
    4. The Blues in Minor Keys
    5. The Minor Blues with More Changes
    6. Another Version of the Minor Blues
    7. Playing the Blues with Three- and Four-String Chords
    8. The Blues and Tenth Chords
    9. Jazz Changes for the Blues
    10. Another Set of Jazz Changes for the Blues
  20. Index