Guitar Rig 2 Native Instruments

Video Description

With Native Instrument's Guitar Rig, re-creating truly authentic guitar and bass sounds in the studio has never been more affordable or attainable. Guitar Rig's sonic possibilities are limitless and its ability to deliver unique tonal qualities by selecting and combining various presets of meticulously sampled distortion/volume effects pedals units, bass/guitar amplifiers, bass/guitar cabinets, different microphones and classic, as well as modern, presets of some of the world most renowned guitarists' rigs, makes it an indispensable tool for the guitarist, engineers and producers. Join Kevin as he demonstrates how to easily integrate various modifiers with Native Instrument's robust foot controller for real-time layering of loops, recording and playback of tracks. By selecting a from variety of rig presets, Guitar Rig delivers the unique tonal quality and sound that you desire whether it be grunge, pop or heavy metal. Kevin shows you the sonic possibilities of Guitar Rig are infinite!

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1: Setting Up Guitar Rig 2
    1. Setup Software Only/ Setup With the Rig Controller/ Setup Rig Control for Audio and Software-Hardware Updates 00:01:21
    2. Different Tuning OPartions/Mute Sound/Cent and Strobe OPartions/Expanding Modules/Drop Tune/Tune Fork 00:01:58
  2. Chapter 2: Guitar Rig 2 Quickstart
    1. Overview/ Preset Area and Component Area 00:00:39
  3. Chapter 3: Control Center Overview
    1. Minimize Display/Show-Hide Components/Previous-Next Preset/Show-Hide Rig Kontrol/Show-Hide Preset Area/Save Setup/Show-Hide Tune 00:01:22
  4. Chapter 4: Setting Up Your Preferences
    1. Setting Window Height/Adding Time stretching to Tape deck 1/Calibrating Your Rig Kontrol/Choose Preset Bank Directory 00:00:59
  5. Chapter 5: Rack Controls
    1. Adding MIDI and Keyboard Controllers/Using Your Rig Kontrol 00:01:37
  6. Chapter 6: Banks, Presets and Templates
    1. Loading and Saving Banks-Presets and Templates/Setting Up Preset Properties/Search Function 00:01:35
  7. Chapter 7: Fixed Rack Components
    1. Signal Settings/Learn/Noise Gate 00:02:17
    2. Preset Volume/Clipping-Limiter 00:01:15
    3. Setting Tempo or Sync/Choosing Different Metronome Sounds/Tap Tempo 00:01:38
    4. New-Load-Save/Loop In-Out & Dragging Loop Points/Hide-Minimize/Tempo-Tune-Transpose/Play at Input-Output 00:03:12
    5. Overdubbing with Tape deck 2/Transfer to Tape deck 1/Sync Start 00:01:42
  8. Chapter 8: Main Components
    1. Loading Components Into Rack/Remove-Minimize/Expand/Moving Components Around 00:00:53
    2. Drag Amps Into the Rack/Cabinets and Mics/Adding Extra Cabinets/Various Amp Demos 00:04:03
    3. Fuzz Ace/Big Fuzz/Screamer/Distortion/Treble Booster 00:02:57
    4. Tremolo/Chorus-Flanger/Stoned Phaser 00:02:10
    5. EQ Shelving/EQ Parametric/Wahwah Pedal/Talkwah 00:02:25
    6. Volume Pedal/Tube Compressor 00:01:54
    7. Spring Reverb/Psyche delay 00:02:43
  9. Chapter 9: Tools
    1. Loop Machine 00:03:17
    2. Split Mix 00:02:19
  10. Chapter 10: Modifiers
    1. Modifier Overview/LFO/Step Sequencer 00:03:09
  11. Chapter 11: Amp and Pedal Setups of the Rich and Famous
    1. Stevie, Jimi and Company 00:02:47

Product Information

  • Title: Guitar Rig 2 Native Instruments
  • Author(s): Kevin Bazell
  • Release date: November 2009
  • Publisher(s): Total Training
  • ISBN: 00320090109SI