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GWT: Cool and Useful Stuff

Video Description

This session shows you how to flat out kick ass with GWT. You'll see how to create custom widgets, from low-level to high-level, and in between. You'll see how to implement: drag and drop; simple windows that pop up in the browser's client area; viewports that smoothly drag their views in reaction to user input; and tables with columns that you can dynamically resize.

Along the way, we'll explore some of the more advanced aspects of GWT, such as: telling the browser to butt out of event handling; using timers for iPhone-like animations; capturing events to increase performance; and how you can directly create and manipulate a widget's DOM element.

If you're looking to learn some advanced GWT techniques and add some more sizzle to your web applications, don't miss this nonstop barrage of code and killer demos.

Table of Contents

  1. GWT: Cool and Useful Stuff 00:44:38