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Hacking Exposed™ Wireless

Book Description

The latest techniques for securing wireless networks using the proven Hacking Exposed methodology

Filled with tactical security information, Hacking Exposed Wireless, Second Edition sheds light on how hackers zero in on susceptible networks and peripherals, gain access, and execute debilitating attacks. The book includes vital details on new, previously unpublished attacks alongside real-world, proven countermeasures. Seven new chapters discuss in depth how to conduct an assessment from start to finish, secure Bluetooth networks, write custom wireless security tools, and ensure compliance with the latest wireless laws and regulations.

Hacking Exposed Wireless, Second Edition features:

• Thorough updates for the latest wireless threats and techniques

• Information on wireless laws and regulations including how to meet PCI wireless security requirements

• Content written by world-renowned wireless security experts

• Global examples throughout

Comprehensive coverage of wireless network security:

Wireless Fundamentals; An Overview of Wireless Security; Radio Frequency Fundamentals; Introduction to 802.11; Hacking 802.11 Wireless Networks; Building Your Wireless Hacking Toolkits; Scoping and Information Gathering; Discovering Wireless Targets; Scanning and Enumeration of 802.11 Networks; Attacking 802.11 Wireless Networks; Attacking WPA-protected 802.11 Networks; Attacking 802.11 Wireless Clients; Defending Your Wireless Network; Hacking Additional Wireless Technologies; Hacking Hotspots; Bluetooth Basics; Attacking Bluetooth Security; Other Wireless Protocols; Writing Your Own Wireless Security Tools; Wireless Hacking Laws and Regulations