Chapter 13. Novell NetWare

In This Chapter

  • Selecting NetWare hacking tools

  • Port-scanning a NetWare server

  • Gleaning NetWare information without logging in

  • Exploiting common vulnerabilities when logged into NetWare

  • Minimizing NetWare security risks

As much as some of Novell's competitors like to say that NetWare is a thing of the past, it's still alive and kicking quite strongly. Even though Novell is now far down the Linux path with its SUSE Linux desktop and Open Enterprise Server software, there are still thousands and thousands of "classic" NetWare servers around the world. NetWare usage is certainly not without warrant — the organizations running NetWare (and other Novell products, for that matter) demand a solid directory services infrastructure and stable environment. Novell has certainly delivered in that arena.

If you do a lot of work with NetWare, now's the time to start beefing up your Linux skills! I cover Linux hacking in Chapter 12.

NetWare administrators — arguably some of the best, most technical administrators around — often overlook or deny that NetWare is hackable. This chapter shows you how to test for the most critical NetWare exploits and outlines countermeasures to prevent the problems.

NetWare Vulnerabilities

Novell NetWare has a reputation as one of the most secure operating systems available. This is one reason that you rarely hear about NetWare servers getting hacked or having new vulnerabilities that crop up constantly. However, NetWare is not without its security ...

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