Chapter 9Sales Outsourcing

If you look back through the past few chapters, you'll start to pick out many tasks that are menial and tedious. This is a why a virtual assistant (VA) becomes useful in any organization, no matter how small that organization is. You should be leveraging these inexpensive, but qualified, workers.

At Udemy, we employed a lead generation team of 12 virtual sales development reps (SDRs). They did everything from generating leads to sending batches of e-mails and setting up meetings. Eventually, they worked throughout the entire company, doing everything from website bug testing to instructor support.

I have a team of three to four VAs working at all times. They're such an asset and can do anything in the sales process. If you can nail this piece of the process, it's to your advantage as a salesperson or a sales organization.

Here are a few tasks VAs can do:

  1. Use or Kimono Labs; they just need links to lists
  2. Get leads by using any of the lead generation tools with the lists they've built
  3. Do lead research by uploading lists into any of the tools in the lead research section
  4. Segment and de-duplicate lists based on your orders.
  5. Upload lists into sales automation software and even set up sequences

VAs can do tasks in almost the entire SDR process up to the actual phone call. You need to come up with an ideal customer profile (ICP) and addresses, give the VAs the links, tell the VAs how to segment the lists, and then craft the content.

Preparing ...

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