Scripting tips

In this section, we will look at a few extra tips that can be handy when you create scripts for Vim. Some are simple code pieces you can add directly in your script, while others are good-to-know tips.

Gvim or Vim?

Some scripts have extra features when used in the GUI version of Vim (Gvim). This could be adding menus, toolbars, or other things that only work if you are using Gvim. So what do you do to check if the user runs the script in a console Vim or in Gvim? Vim has already prepared the information for you. You simply have to check if the feature gui_running is enabled. To do so, you use a function called has(), which returns 1 (true) if a given feature is supported / enabled and 0 (false), otherwise.

An example could be:

if has("gui_running") ...

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