Quiz 12

1. You should acquire customers and then convert them into

A. Mindless idiots who do everything you say.

B. Friends.

C. Clients.

D. Enemies.

2. Customer satisfaction is the easiest way to

A. Reduce your advertising and marketing cost.

B. Not have to visit or call customers.

C. Sit around a campfire and sing songs.

D. Never have to say you’re sorry.

3. Most customers do not

A. Spend money.

B. Tell war stories.

C. Drink coffee.

D. Complain.

4. A customer who has an unpleasant experience with a company will tell

A. Four people.

B. Nine to 10 people.

C. Everyone they know

D. No one.

5. The character Joey is from the TV show

A. Buddies.

B. Cheers.

C. Friends.

D. NYPD Blue.

6. Joey uses the phrase

A. “How are we doing?”

B. “How is the family?” ...

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