Chapter 8. Vehicle Mods

Hacks 68–71: Introduction

Vehicles are definitely one of the most enjoyable aspects of Halo 2 game play. In fact, next to weapon changes, these are probably the most popular mods. This chapter shows how to alter your favorite means of transportation.

Exchange the Weapons on Your Vehicle

Create a hybrid vehicle by mixing and matching the vehicle weapon tags.

This cool hack allows you to put the weaponry from one vehicle onto another. For example, you can make a “Warption” (a Warthog with the Scorpion turret on the back) or some other crazy combination.

Open ADI [Hack #50] and browse to the [hlmt] object properties tags. Pick a vehicle that has a turret on it that you want to swap with another turret. In this example, we will be adding a Scorpion turret to a Warthog. The Warthog tag is objects\vehicles\warthog\warthog.

Next, go to the Meta Scanner and click Dependencies. Once you have the dependencies open, scroll across until you find a vehi dependency. This is the turret already associated with the vehicle (see Figure 8-1).

Click it and swap it for another vehi tag from the drop-down list. In this example, you are going to replace the Warthog turret with objects\vehicles\scorpion\turrets\cannon\cannon_mp (see Figure 8-2).

Sign the map [Hack #53] and FTP it to your Xbox [Hack #54] . Now you can enjoy driving your new hybrid vehicle (see Figure 8-3).

Finding the Warthog turret
Figure 8-1. Finding ...

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