Chapter 10. Display Mods

Hacks 77–81: Introduction

Although altering the properties of weapons or players may have the greatest impact on game play, visual hacks are often the most rewarding. As with after-market work on a car, people enjoy being able to personalize their Halo 2 experience.

Whether it’s creating your own Halo 2 demos, altering the splash screen, or using Halo 2 to shoot a machinima movie, this chapter explores various hacks for customizing the presentation of Halo 2.

Film High-Quality Videos and Machinima

Use the Machinima Companion to remove the HUD and increase texture quality.

The practice of filming movies using video game engines is known as machinima. The most impressive—and popular—Halo machinima can be found at If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend that you take a look. If you like these creative videos, you should look around the Net and you’ll find many more sites to enjoy. For example, has a number of videos.

Watch the Red Vs Blue videos closely; you’ll notice that the first episodes contain the reticle for the camera operator’s weapon. However, the new episodes don’t contain an on-screen weapon or any HUD indicators at all.

There are a few tricks that you can use to remove the HUD and increase the quality of the video. These hacks will allow you to film your own highquality Halo 2 game videos—or even create your own machinima films. For example, you can remove your weapon and reticle by using ...

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