Chapter 11. Gameplay Mods

Hacks 82–89: Introduction

The mods in the previous chapters affected specific elements of the Halo 2 universe. Whether it was a weapon or a vehicle, the hacks altered some well-defined part of the Halo 2 experience. The hacks in this chapter are quite different. Rather than being confined to specific objects, these hacks affect the actual game engine.

If you’re looking for interesting ways to spice up a LAN party, consider using some of these mods.

Speed Walking

Use this hack to run like a track star.

Although Halo 2 allows you to move quicker than Halo 1, many players would like to be able to move even faster. This hack increases your walking speed.

This mod is enabled by a Ch2r [Hack #51] plug-in that allows modders to change the values of the globals/globals.matg tag. In this example, you will alter the Walking Speed Fwd (Multiplayer) property. First, open your map in Ch2r. Next, browse to the tag and double-click it to open the Edit Meta window (see Figures 11-1 and 11-2).

To substantially increase your speed, change the Walking Speed Fwd (Multiplayer) value to 12.25 (see Figure 11-3).

Once you have made this change, sign the map [Hack #53] using the Re-Sign Map option. Then you can transfer the file back to your Xbox [Hack #54] and run like a flaming Ninja!

The globals.matg tag
Figure 11-1. The globals.matg tag
Figure 11-2. The default values for globals.matg
Figure 11-3. Altering ...

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