Combating the Cybercrime Threat: Developments in Global Law Enforcement

Roderic Broadhurst, Queensland University of Technology


Criminality and Computer Crime

What Is Computer Crime?

Transnational Policing and Cybercrime

United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime

The Council of Europe Cybercrime Convention

Computer-Related Offenses

Content-Related Offenses

Offenses Related to Copyright Infringement


Procedural Powers

Global and Regional Cooperation

G8 Senior Experts Group on Transnational Organized Crime


The European Union and Europol

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development



Summary of Measures for Regional Cooperation


Cross References



The rapid development of computer connectivity and the role of the Internet in the emergence of new e-commerce markets are key generators of the processes of globalization and have compelled national governments and international agencies to address the need for regulation and safety on the information superhighways. These astonishing tools have eroded the traditional barriers to communication, compressed our concepts of time and place, and changed the way a large part of the world does business. Although the process of globalization continues to accelerate, a fully global response to the problems of security in the digital age has yet to emerge and efforts to secure cyberspace have been reactive rather than proactive.

The convergence ...

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