Above the Pinch, 32–3
positions relative to the heat recovery Pinch, 33
absorption heat pumps (AHP), 88
absorption units, 193–6
principles of Heat Integration of absorption machines, 196
single-effect absorption heat pumps configurations, 194
Acid Dew Point, 878
acid gas removal systems
retrofit Mass Integration in petrochemical plants, 725–51
hybrid approach, 741–4
Mass Exchanger Network Synthesis (MENS), 727–34
Pinch approach, 736–40
solution equilibria, 744–6
Venturi scrubber and ethanolamine absorber system, 734–6
Active Learning in Chemical Engineering (ALChemE), 1086
Actual Cooling Load Curve (ACLC), 784, 785
Actual Heat Load Curve (AHLC), 784, 785
Advanced Composite Curves (ACC), 783–6
identifying HEN retrofit, 785–6
ACCs, ...

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