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Hands-On Big Data Analysis with Hadoop 3

Video Description

Perform real-time data analytics with Hadoop

About This Video

  • Analyze large volumes of data effectively by combining the power of big data processing tools such as Hadoop and Spark Streaming
  • Work with different kinds of data and perform real-life data operations
  • Explore best use cases, identify problem areas, and solve them with the best open-source tools

In Detail

This course is your guide to performing real-time data analytics and stream processing with Spark. Use different components and tools such as HDFS, HBase, and Hive to process raw data. Learn how tools such as Hive and Pig aid in this process.

In this course, you will start off by learning data analysis techniques with Hadoop using tools such as Hive. Furthermore, you will learn to apply these techniques in real-world big data applications. Also, you will delve into Spark and its related tools to perform real-time data analytics, streaming, and batch processing on your application.

Finally, you'll learn how to extend your analytics solutions to the cloud.