If you have tried to install Google open source software such as Tensorflow, you would encounter protobuf because it is used by Tensorflow. Protobuf is a serialization library. If you learned about Python from the official documentation, you would know that Pickle as a way to serialize data. If you learned about web development programming, most likely, you would use .json or .xml as data serialization.

Before we pass b'I am a good unicorn.\n' to the IPFS, we wrap our data in a data structure. Let's create a script to prove my claim and name the script

import ipfsapic = ipfsapi.connect()result = c.block_get('QmY7MiYeySnsed1Z3KxqDVYuM8pfiT5gGTqprNaNhUpZgR')print(result)

Running the script will allow you to see ...

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