Hands-on Chatbots with Google Dialogflow

Video description

Chatbots are voice-aware bots, i.e. computer programs designed to simulate human conversations with users. This course introduces Dialogflow, Google's conversational interface for bots, devices, and applications.

DialogFlow is state-of-the-art, launched in September 2016

No deep learning or natural language processing expertise is needed to build even very complex bots

Provides an intuitive way of specifying the conversational interface

Automatically and dynamically adjusts conversational responses

Easy to build, test and publish apps

Supports one-click integration with other chat platforms such as Slack and Facebook

What You Will Learn

  • Build and deploy natural-sounding chatbots
  • Design and build sound interaction models for your chatbots
  • Deploy web apps to Heroku
  • Develop third-party apps for Slack and other messaging platforms


Website and mobile app developers looking to add chat functionality. Software developers looking to build sophisticated chatbots. Developers of Facebook, Slack or other messaging platform apps looking to add chatbots to their apps.

About The Author

Janani Ravi: Janani Ravi is a certified Google Cloud Architect and Data Engineer. She has earned her master's degree in electrical engineering from Stanford. She is currently in Loonycorn, a technical video content studio, of which she is a cofounder. Prior to co-founding Loonycorn, she worked at various leading companies, such as Google and Microsoft, for several years as a software engineer.

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  • Title: Hands-on Chatbots with Google Dialogflow
  • Author(s): Loonycorn
  • Release date: February 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789130539