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Hands-On Cloud Native Microservices with Jakarta EE

Book Description

Discover how cloud-native microservice architecture helps you to build dynamically scalable applications by using the most widely used and adopted runtime environments

About This Book
  • The only reliable resource that showcases the tools and techniques that help you build robust and resilient cloud-native applications in Jakarta EE
  • Learn how to configure both the AWS and Docker clouds for high availability
  • Assess, secure, monitor and troubleshoot microservices architecture within a PaaS.
Who This Book Is For

This book is aimed at developers with basic knowledge of Java EE, and HTTP-based application principles, and who want to learn how to build, test and scale Java EE microservices. No prior experience of writing microservices in Java EE is assumed.

What You Will Learn
  • How Integrate Reactive principals in MicroProfile Microservices architecture
  • Learn the paradigm of the 12-factors-app and the implication in terms of design and implementation
  • How to get the best out of the Java versions - 8 and 9 to implement a microservice based on WildFly Swarm
  • Learn what OpenShift is, and why it is so important for an elastic architecture
  • How to build a Linux container image using Docker and how to scale the application using Kubernetes
  • Implementat various patterns line Circuit Breaker, Bulkheads etc involved in microservice architecture
  • Learn the DevOps methodology used to release software through the environments, using Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
In Detail

Businesses today are evolving so rapidly and developers now are faced with the challenge to know how to build applications that resilient, flexible and are native to the cloud. and for this, they need to be aware of the environment, tools and resources they’re coding against. This book will be the one stop for you to learn all about building cloud-native architectures in Jakarta EE

The book will begin by introducing you to the cloud-native architecture and will help break it down for you. You’ll learn to build microservices in Jakarta EE using microprofile with WildFly Swarm and Narayana LRA. You will dive into cloud-native application x-rays, understanding the microprofile specification, implementing and testing microservices. From there, we’ll move on to focusing on continuous integration and continuous delivery, and you’ll also learn how to Dockerize your services. Finally, you’ll get to know how to deploy microservices to different target environments, using Docker and AWS. We will end the book by discussing some concepts and techniques around security, monitoring, troubleshooting problems that might occur with applications after you’ve written them.

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