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Hands-On Docker for Microservices

Video Description

Build a cloud-native microservice application with Spring Boot 2 and use Docker to orchestrate the Containers

About This Video

  • Walk through the basics of Docker and what it has to offer, then see how to use Docker in your development environment
  • Create your first application, an online shopping app, with Docker and run it with a Container
  • Understand the basics of the Docker repository, and monitor and check the status of your first application

In Detail

Maintaining the Docker environment is always a nightmare for developers and DevOps, and if done manually, it’s very time-consuming. It’s also not easy to deploy an application across environments while retaining details of the system. However, Docker solves this by introducing agile and portable Containers. These Containers can run anywhere, meaning developers and DevOps don't need to worry about the environment. It’s easier to work with Docker and it's built with security in mind.

This course starts by giving you a basic understanding of Docker. You’ll build an online shopping application, which we’ll later deploy in various environments.Once you have successfully run your first Container, you’ll be introduced to the CLI tool, which will help you to develop, deploy, and share Docker images.

Next, you'll create an application file with Docker Compose deploy it on the cloud. You’ll also add services to the application by adding a service registry, performing health checks, and running the application successfully with these services. Finally, you’ll deploy the application in Heroku and will learn how to check and monitor the application.

This course is perfect if you want to understand Docker and its environment through real-world examples that make your learning journey exciting and interesting. So, grab this course and start your fun journey with Docker!