Hands-On Enterprise Application Development with Java 9

Video Description

Build modern and scalable enterprise applications using Java 9 and Java EE 8 and become a professional Java developer

About This Video

  • Develop a working Java Website and RESTful microservices by learning industry best practices.
  • Delve into Java's advanced concepts and implement them hands-on in professional applications from all spheres
  • Build enterprise-level Java apps to become a skilled Java programmer in your organization

In Detail

This video course will set you on the path to become a skilled and professional Java developer by exploring Java9 and Java EE 8 and learning how these technologies can be used to create a modern, scalable enterprise application.

We will use case studies to explore how we can use the JEE8 technologies of JSF, EJB, and JPA to build a database-driven website, while all the time working with new Java 9 constructs. You'll learn how to extract a component from our website as a standalone microservice and decouple your microservice to allow it to be reused within an organization. We will then delve into Java 9 technologies such as JShell, modules, the Streams API, Multi-Jar, Process APIs, and HTTP/2 clients.

The code bundle for this video course is available at

Product Information

  • Title: Hands-On Enterprise Application Development with Java 9
  • Author(s): Martin Farrell
  • Release date: April 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788832229