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Hands-On Guide to Streaming Media, 2nd Edition

Book Description

This book describes the steps for creating an on-demand and live streaming video in an all-in-one refernce guide for new users and companies that need introduced to the technology.

After reading this book, you will understand:
- How the Internet works in relation to streaming media
- Client/server technology, specifically related to streaming media
- Strengths and limits of streaming media, including best uses for the technology
- Choices of streaming media content creation tools

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. About the Author
  7. About the Series Editor
  8. Introduction
  9. Chapter 1: Quick Start: Your First Streaming Media File
    1. A Quick Streaming Media Overview
    2. Installing a Windows Media Encoder
    3. Encoding Audio and Video Files
    4. Conclusion
  10. Chapter 2: The Building Blocks of Streaming Media
    1. Streaming Media Basics
    2. The Streaming Media Industry
    3. What is a Media Player?
    4. Find Your Media Player
    5. Installing a New Media Player
    6. Conclusion
  11. Chapter 3: Audio and Video Production Tools
    1. Pre-Production Planning
    2. Audio and Video Tools
    3. Hardware and Software Requirements
    4. A Studio Environment
    5. Conclusion
  12. Chapter 4: Production and Post-Production Techniques
    1. Fundamentals of Audio and Video Production
    2. A Bit of Audio and Video Theory Related to Streaming Media
    3. Moving Your Audio and Video From Recording Device to Workstation
    4. Optimize Your Audio
    5. Optimize Your Video
    6. Conclusion
  13. Chapter 5: Encoding Audio and Video
    1. Format Choice and Streaming Media Players
    2. Installing Other Media Encoders
    3. Choosing the Right Codec
    4. Media Player Behavior and Multiple Bit Rate Encoding
    5. Encoding
    6. Encode Your Audio
    7. Encode Your Video
    8. Conclusion
  14. Chapter 6: Working with Streaming Media Files
    1. Editing Streaming Media Files
    2. Embedding Events in Your Encoded Files
    3. Batch Encoding
    4. Conclusion
  15. Chapter 7: Streaming Media Distribution
    1. Streaming Server Overview
    2. Buying a Streaming Server
    3. Conclusion
  16. Chapter 8: Streaming Media and Metafiles
    1. Web Servers vs. Media Servers
    2. Metafiles and Media Players
    3. Creating a Metafile
    4. Linking to Your Metafile
    5. Advanced Metafiles
    6. Dynamically Generated Metafiles
    7. Conclusion
  17. Chapter 9: Embedding Streams in Your Web Pages
    1. External vs. Embedded Players
    2. HTML Coding for Embedded Players
    3. Testing Your Embedded Player Code
    4. Promote Your Streams
    5. Conclusion
  18. Chapter 10: Alternative Systems and Methods
    1. Before You Veer Off the Main Highway
    2. MPEG: The Most Talked-About Alternative to Proprietary Architectures
    3. Open Source: An Alternative to Proprietary Systems
    4. “Streaming” with Your Web Server
    5. Do You Need a Streaming Server?
    6. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Streaming
    7. Conclusion
  19. Chapter 11: Advanced Topics
    1. Live Webcasting vs. On-Demand Streaming
    2. Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
    3. Streaming High-Definition Video
    4. Streaming on Portable Devices
    5. Digital Rights Management
    6. Streaming Business Opportunities and Models
    7. Success Measurement
    8. Conclusion
  20. Appendix A: Case Studies
    1. Government
    2. Enterprise
    3. Media and Entertainment
    4. Broadcasting
    5. Education
    6. Conclusion
  21. Appendix B: Resources
    1. Leading Streaming Media Manufacturers
    2. Media Player Download Pages
    3. Free Encoder (“Producer”) Download Pages
    4. Open Source Software and Information
    5. MPEG Resources
    6. Places to Buy Audio and Video Recording Equipment
    7. Publications
    8. Other Web Sites
  22. Glossary
  23. Index