Diagnosing out-of-resource errors

When deleting agent-0, we can observe the issue of being out of resources. Only one node is available, but that node is out of disk space:

0s        1m        13        redis-slave-b58dc4644-lqkdp.1574e88a78913f1a   Pod                 Warning   FailedScheduling   default-scheduler   0/2 nodes are available: 1 Insufficient cpu, 1 node(s) were not ready, 1 node(s) were out of disk space.

To confirm this, run the following command:

kc get pods

When you run the command, you will get the following output:

redis-slave-b58dc4644-tcl2x     0/1       Pending   0          4hredis-slave-b58dc4644-wtkwj     1/1       Unknown   0          6hredis-slave-b58dc4644-xtdkx     1/1       Unknown   1          20h
If you had launched the cluster on VMs with more vCPUs (ours was running the smallest available, A1), you can set the ...

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