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Hands-On Styling Vue.js Web Apps with Element UI and iView

Video Description

Build elegant and responsive websites using Element UI and iView with Vue

About This Video

  • Understand how to get started with iView and Element UI using Webpack and Vue CLI
  • Implement dozens of UI components and widgets built with Vue.js and styled with a clean and elegant design
  • Design single-page applications with iView and Element UI by importing multiple components

In Detail

This course is designed to introduce you to new possibilities in UI design, with Vue Element UI and iView. You’ll focus on various aspects you may already know, and others you probably never knew existed. If you are looking for solutions to boost your output, this course will help you increase your productivity and get the job done smoothly and confidently.

As you make progress through the course, you’ll delve into unique techniques for making your web application UI look more responsive and engaging for users with the help of Element, and iView. You’ll also build a business-grade fully functional application using Vue.js and style it using component toolkits such as Element and iView, without using Vuex or other libraries for styling.

By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with the techniques you need to ensure your applications not only wow the end users, but also require minimum levels of maintenance.

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