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Hands-on with Go

Video Description

Learn Go programming with concise examples to many common fundamental problems.

About This Video

  • Get comfortable with Go with short, independent, and concise videos.
  • Overcome the most common challenges with the practical knowledge catered by the each and every tutorial.
  • Never forget by watching pill-size videos whenever you are in a hurry.

In Detail

Go has moved from the state of tentative to mass adoption. Its C-like speed, simplicity, and power for a growing number of systems level programming domains make it an attractive option for programmers working with older cumbersome, statically typed languages.

This course will help you learn Go programming language by solving commonly faced problems by developers in a Recipe approach. You will start by installing Go binaries and get familiar with tools to develop application. Then you will manipulate with strings and then use them in built in constructions and built-in function constructs to create a complex value from two floating-point values. Then you will learn to perform arithmetic operation date and time along with parsing them from string values.

Whether you are an expert programmer or a fresh starter, you will learn how various answers are programmed in Go language, which will take you to the next level in your mastering at Go. These recipes will be from concurrency in Go, performing various web programming tasks, doing system programming, reading and writing files, and many fundamental Go programming skills such as proper error handling, doing logging, and so on.

The code bundle for this video course is available at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Hands-on-with-go

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Getting Started with Go
    1. The Course Overview 00:00:45
    2. Installing Go Binaries 00:03:26
    3. Quick Look at Go Language 00:03:08
  2. Chapter 2 : Manipulating String Values
    1. Trimming Spaces from Beginning and End of Strings 00:03:16
    2. Extracting Substrings from String Values 00:02:12
    3. Replacing Parts of a String 00:03:05
    4. Escaping Characters in Strings 00:03:16
    5. Capitalizing String Values 00:02:28
  3. Chapter 3 : Type Conversions
    1. Converting Boolean to String 00:03:59
    2. Converting Integer and Float Values to String 00:05:55
    3. Parsing String Values to Boolean 00:02:38
    4. Parsing String Values to Integer and Float 00:03:05
    5. Converting a Byte Array to String 00:02:12
  4. Chapter 4 : Date and Time
    1. Finding Today's Date and Time 00:02:06
    2. Adding or Subtracting from Date 00:03:13
    3. Finding the Difference Between Two Dates 00:01:15
    4. Parsing Dates and Times from Strings 00:02:10
  5. Chapter 5 : Maps and Arrays
    1. Extracting Unique Elements from a List 00:02:46
    2. Finding an Element from an Array 00:03:00
    3. Reverting an Array 00:01:30
    4. Iterating over an Array 00:01:50
    5. Converting a Map into an Array of Keys and Values 00:02:02
    6. Merging Arrays 00:01:39
    7. Merging Maps 00:02:03
    8. Testing for the Presence of a Key in a Map 00:02:50
  6. Chapter 6 : Errors and Logging
    1. Creating Custom Error Types 00:02:52
    2. Try/Catch Equivalent in Go 00:03:16
    3. Doing a Simple Logging in Your App 00:02:18
    4. Gracefully Dealing with Panics 00:03:41
  7. Chapter 7 : Files and Directories
    1. Checking the Existence of a File 00:02:11
    2. Reading the Entire Content of a Text File 00:01:14
    3. Writing to a File 00:01:52
    4. Creating Temporary Files 00:02:04
    5. Counting Lines in a File 00:01:25
    6. Reading a Particular Line in a File 00:01:44
    7. Comparing the Contents of Two Files 00:01:35
    8. Deleting a File 00:01:11
    9. Copying or Moving a File 00:02:17
    10. Renaming Files 00:00:39
    11. Deleting a Directory and Its Contents 00:01:14
    12. List All the Files under a Directory 00:01:07
  8. Chapter 8 : Concurrency
    1. Running Multiple Functions Concurrently 00:08:16
    2. Passing Data Between Concurrently Running Functions 00:03:36
    3. Waiting for All Concurrent Functions to Finish 00:01:59
    4. Selecting the Results of Concurrent Functions 00:03:05
  9. Chapter 9 : System Programming
    1. Catching Signals 00:03:48
    2. Running Child Processes 00:03:10
    3. Processing Command-line Arguments 00:03:43
  10. Chapter 10 : Web Programming
    1. Downloading a Web Page from Internet 00:01:51
    2. Downloading Files from Internet 00:01:30
    3. Creating a Simple Web Server 00:04:00
    4. Creating a Simple File Server 00:02:19
  11. Chapter 11 : Relational Databases
    1. Reading Data from SQL Databases 00:06:22
    2. Inserting Data to Database 00:01:41
    3. Updating Data in Database 00:01:55
    4. Deleting Data from Database 00:02:19