9 When All Else Succeeds, Leap Again

Outlive your life.

– Max Lucado

By 2016, some might say we had arrived. We had worked very hard to build a stellar reputation stretching across the country and world. And now came the hard part: we needed to consistently live up to our critically acclaimed ­reputation.

And how do you do that? You keep going. In our case, we kept improvising. “Yes, and” here we come…

In business, you can never rest on your laurels. When you reach the top, you must find reasons to keep pushing yourself and get better at what you do. We trust each other, as a team, that we can continue getting better.

The key is to continually strive to become the very best you that you can be and to encourage those around you to be their very best as well. Our jobs are to make each other look good and when we do, we all succeed at a level that wouldn’t happen if we tried to accomplish it alone.

This is what we encourage you to do. Become the ­cheerleader for that person standing by your side and elevate them to a level that they didn’t even know they could achieve. When we do this everyone rises together. This is what we do for each other in Four Day Weekend.

That’s the discovery part we love so much about our work, about sketch comedy and about improvisation. By continually striving toward new creative spaces we discover we never explore the exact same material, or the exact same show, or the exact same audience. There’s always a fresh space for improvement, learning, and ...

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