Happy Retirement: The Psychology of Reinvention

Book description

A practical, fully illustrated guide to planning and enjoying retirement, grounded in psychological research.

Retirement can bring immense fulfillment but also can be a source of stress, especially today. Happy Retirement: The Psychology of Reinvention uses psychological research and a unique visual style of infographics and illustrations to provide readers with a retirement road map just right for them.

Fully illustrated, with constructive advice for all retirees--whatever the age and circumstances--and inspirational guidance from a wealth of sources, Happy Retirement: The Psychology of Reinvention answers all the questions readers are likely to ask at any stage of retirement.

Table of contents

  1. How to use
  2. Foreword
  3. Chapter 1 | Work and Life: Retirement in Context
    1. Sunset or new dawn? Facing the future
    2. The shape of things: How we think of our lives
    3. Our 50s and 60s: Middle age and after
    4. Into our 70s: The golden decade?
    5. Reaching our 80s: The new 70s
    6. Jobs for all: The meanings of work
    7. All together: Work as community
    8. Who am I? The question of identity
    9. Making sense: Life’s meaning and purpose
    10. Material world: Perspectives on money
    11. Does status matter? Stepping off the career ladder
    12. Are you a workaholic? When your job is your life
    13. A life of values: Beyond basic needs
    14. The road to somewhere: The importance of life goals
    15. The meaning of service: Respect and reward
    16. Rainbow’s end? The retirement dream
    17. Staying busy: A satisfying retirement
    18. Senior moments? Truths and myths of aging
    19. Free time: How we think of leisure
    20. You and yours: Retirement and the family
  4. Chapter 2 | Ripe and Ready: Planning for Retirement
    1. Looking ahead: Planning and improvising
    2. Roadmap to retirement: Charting your life
    3. Fit for the future: Staying healthy
    4. Brain games: Keeping your mind sharp
    5. Eye on the calendar: Getting the timing right
    6. Building a nest egg: The psychology of money
    7. Time to quit? The early retirement option
    8. Staying on: The late retirement option
    9. Pressure to go: The involuntary retirement
    10. Knowing your strengths: A personal stocktake
    11. Striking a deal: Negotiating your exit
    12. Half in, half out: The phased retirement
    13. Wisdom on tap: Preparing for consultancies
    14. Going solo: Starting a retirement enterprise
    15. Life in limbo: How to cope with uncertainty
    16. Planning who you’ll be: Learning from role models
    17. Knowing who you are: Work and identity
  5. Chapter 3 | Wheels in Motion: Into a New Dawn
    1. Going in prepared: Psychological transitions
    2. Down with labels: Finding a new identity
    3. Finalizing finance: Keeping on top of cashflow
    4. Playing the endgame: Your final contribution
    5. Bring it on: Change and personality
    6. Toward the horizon: Managing your expectations
    7. Anticipating the loss: The fear of missing your job
    8. Better together: Reinforcing the network
    9. Casting off: The art of letting go
    10. Successful debriefings: Toward a smooth handover
    11. Is my legacy secure? The succession question
    12. Thoughtful goodbyes: The art of farewell
  6. Chapter 4 | A Time of Adjustment: The First Years of Retirement
    1. Home on a work day: Adjusting to the new
    2. Ups and downs: Charting happy pathways
    3. Flying high: Managing euphoria
    4. Peaceful nights: Sleeping well or lying awake?
    5. Steady now: Coping with change and anxiety
    6. Talking it over: How other people can help
    7. Stress-mapping: Staying on top of change
    8. Future growth: Cultivating a healthy attitude
    9. Where do I fit in? Dealing with role change
    10. All change: Retiring and moving
    11. Coping skills: Long-term challenges
    12. Online assistance: How the Internet can help
    13. Off and away: Time for a big vacation?
  7. Chapter 5 | Living Well: Looking After You and Yours
    1. In the mirror: Safeguarding your health
    2. Brave new world: How technology can help
    3. Keeping your equilibrium: How to avoid overload
    4. Time together: Dealing with relationship change
    5. A working partner? Adjusting to difference
    6. Only connect: Sex and companionship
    7. Getting together: Who are your true friends?
    8. Family favors: Late rewards of parenthood
    9. Across the generations: The active grandparent
    10. Saying goodbye: Dealing with bereavement
    11. There for someone: Caring for others
    12. Accepting limitations: Dealing with health concerns
    13. In their hands: Help when you need it
  8. Chapter 6 | The New You: How to Reinvent Yourself
    1. Where next? Assessing your potential
    2. Collective action: Joining up with fellow retirees
    3. In place of work: Making a contribution
    4. Pleasant hours: Hobbies old and new
    5. Happiness for real: Redefining the good life
    6. Back to school: Learning after 60
    7. Passing on the flame: Teaching a new generation
    8. In the green room: Gardening and nature
    9. New kid on the block: The retired entrepreneur
    10. The soul at ease: Spirituality and calm
    11. Making it happen: Time management in retirement
    12. How’s it going? Regular self-assessments
    13. Going for gold: How to live the future
  9. Consultant Psychologist
  10. Acknowledgments
  11. Copyright

Product information

  • Title: Happy Retirement: The Psychology of Reinvention
  • Author(s): DK
  • Release date: January 2016
  • Publisher(s): DK Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781465452498