Consulting with a Peer

Thursday, December 17, 12:16 p.m. . . .

“Well, Jim,” said Phil Condit, former CEO of the Boeing Company, “to be honest, I’m not sure I can tell you anything that will help you.”*

Trying to decide what Condit meant by this and unsure how to respond, Barton sipped from his water glass and smoothed the linen napkin on his lap. Condit moved a fork aside to clear space for his glass of iced tea.

Meeting with Condit had been the main reason Barton had flown to Colorado. They’d never met before, but Barton had reached out to Condit through a network of mutual acquaintances. Now he hoped it hadn’t been a wasted effort.

The two of them had spent the first ten minutes of their lunch at a Denver hotel restaurant in small ...

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