Communicate, Communicate

Tuesday, April 12, 11:12 a.m. . . .

Clarke Gardner rapped his knuckles on the door frame to Barton’s office. Barton looked up, peering over his glasses, holding aloft a piece of paper between his thumb and forefinger. When he saw it was Gardner, he let out an exclamation:

“Can you believe this?” Barton shook the paper, rattling it in the air.

“Which one is that?” Gardner asked.

“Which one do you think?” said Barton. He gestured toward a chair. “The one that arrived this morning, addressed to all executive team and board members.”

“Oh,” said Gardner, stepping into Barton’s office and plopping down into a chair facing his boss’s desk. “You mean the bad one.”

“The bad one?” said Barton, puzzled.

“There’s a good ...

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