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Harriman's Money Miscellany: A collection of financial facts and corporate curiosities

Book Description

A collection of facts, figures, intriguing information and oddities about money. A cornucopia of financial trivia covering topics as diverse as the size of the smallest banknote to a list of the ten largest stockmarket crashes of all time. If you have ever wondered which currency presents the best value by volume for smugglers, what an 'Entreprenerd' is, or what the top ten songs about money are, then this is the book for you You will find the answers to these questions and hundreds more packed into this pocket-sized masterpiece. Whether you are dazzled by data, fascinated by financial markets or crazy about cash, this book will have you enthralled. Harriman's Money Miscellany is a solid gold addition to anyone's literary portfolio and an invaluable source of fascinating financial facts. * What is the production cost of a one dollar bill? * What is the price of a top hat? * What country has a currency called kip? * What is the difference between the IMF and the World Bank? * What did Nokia do before it made phones? * How can you tell if a euro coin was minted in Pessac, France? * Why are bad companies good for investors? * When was the word millionaire first used? * What is the plural of euro? * What currency do they use in Star Wars? * How many coins (per person) are in circulation in the UK? * How do you launder money? * What is a 'Dead cat bounce'? * What year did the first ATM machine appear? * Why can't you play Monopoly in Cuba? * How can two cows explain political economic theory? and lots more!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Publishing Details
  3. Preface
  4. Money Miscellany
    1. Ten richest Americans of all time
    2. Hole in the wall
    3. How animals work
    4. The ten largest stock market crashes of all time
    5. On trading commodities
    6. Company listed longest on the NYSE
    7. The Buffett portfolio
    8. Cash circulation in the USA
    9. WWII – Hawaii banknotes
    10. Brother can you spare a denarius?
    11. A gentleman’s preference
    12. Exotic currencies
    13. Two-cow illustration of political economy
    14. What does it cost – pets?
    15. “In God We Trust”
    16. What’s stopping you?
    17. The World Bank
    18. Life’s essentials
    19. Largest one-day falls in the FTSE 100 index
    20. falls in the DJIA
    21. Pulp to riches - history of Nokia
    22. $
    23. Calculating the Dow Jones Industrial Average
    24. UK lottery grants
    25. Watch out for leaks
    26. Sector profiles of the UK stock market
    27. Capital Asset Pricing Model
    28. Euro circulation
    29. Faces on US banknotes
    30. Coins in the UK
    31. Does money = happiness?
    32. Historical value of the dollar
    33. Dear deerskin
    34. You can tell communists by their Marx
    35. Mini-glossory of odd money-related terms
    36. £2 coin inscription
    37. Counterfeit and genuine UK banknotes
    38. Disappearance of pre-decimal British coinage
    39. Money does not grow on trees
    40. Cheque this fact
    41. Millions and billions
    42. First credit card
    43. Millions to spend
    44. Wages and costs in mid-19th century Britain
    45. Taxpayers’ axioms
    46. Portraits on Bank of England notes
    47. Pound notes withdrawn
    48. Rule of 72
    49. The country of Los Angeles
    50. Value for money
    51. Bad companies are good for you
    52. First company traded on the NYSE
    53. Millionaire
    54. Company profiles
    55. The sixth sense
    56. Bank of England sobriquet
    57. World tax rates
    58. Economic systems
    59. The debt of nations
    60. Hungarian 100 Million B-Pengo
    61. 50p and the seven sides
    62. of US presidents on UK markets
    63. Euro grammar
    64. What use is economics?
    65. Ten highest inflation rates
    66. Wall Street
    67. President against taxation
    68. Take a million coins
    69. German national currency
    70. Wealthiest countries
    71. Tons of ink
    72. A pocketful of coins
    73. On burrowed time
    74. Cost of money
    75. Least wealthy countries
    76. Lifespans of currency in the USA
    77. Four signs of hyperinflation
    78. Weighted dollars
    79. Twentieth century boom and bust periods
    80. Company name changes
    81. Taking a gamble
    82. Tips for success in market investing
    83. London Stock Exchange motto
    84. What news moves markets?
    85. Share price theorem
    86. Dollar bill pyramid
    87. Printed UK banknotes
    88. UK stock market weeks
    89. Marxist economic theory
    90. UK market in US election years
    91. Tulipomania
    92. Introduction and demonetisation of British coinage
    93. Lincoln’s right
    94. 1929 all over again
    95. The invisible hand
    96. Bucks
    97. Two Kings’ heads are not worth a crown
    98. More than a dollar
    99. Ten most expensive regions of the UK
    100. Market value of publicly traded shares
    101. Taxation as a proportion of GDP
    102. Military spend
    103. The long-running fiver
    104. Santa Claus rally
    105. Selected episodes of hyperinflation
    106. Daily timetable of the UK market
    107. Pound coin designs
    108. Industrial production
    109. Watering stock
    110. Shopping for bargains
    111. Stock market goes over the moon
    112. Money’s little irony
    113. The development of private wealth in Britain
    114. The six-month effect
    115. ATM
    116. Time to sell
    117. Mark Twain effect
    118. Monthly performance of the UK stock market
    119. Habits for successful investors
    120. Singing from the same hymn sheet
    121. Euro notes
    122. Where the world’s poor live
    123. Euro coins
    124. Most international stock exchange
    125. Britain’s national currency
    126. ATMs dispensing euros
    127. What affects the market?
    128. Rich states of America
    129. Bizarre company names
    130. Quick facts about quick cash
    131. FATF blacklist
    132. Bowie bonds
    133. Slow day at the NYSE
    134. Five flag theory
    135. Medieval shopping list
    136. Short-selling
    137. How prices change
    138. Women on US banknotes
    139. Euro banknote production
    140. Real returns
    141. A taxing war
    142. Sound financial reasoning
    143. Current account
    144. Ten signs a company is in trouble
    145. Daily performance of UK markets
    146. Rupee or not rupee
    147. The Bundesländer series
    148. Zimbabwean dollar
    149. Hanky panky
    150. Obsolete currencies
    151. DJIA original members
    152. What does it cost – property?
    153. Lifestyle balance sheet
    154. US government salaries
    155. UK money towns
    156. Formula of mass destruction
    157. in Economic Science winners
    158. Top ten songs about money
    159. Top ten films about trading and markets
    160. Tax resistance
    161. The price of light
    162. Deceased banks
    163. Golden facts
    164. The feel of notes
    165. What does it cost - miscellaneous?
    166. Shares, interest rates, sterling and gold
    167. Efficient Market Hypothesis
    168. Plastic card fraud in the US
    169. Notable financial upheavals
    170. Euro design
    171. Derivative acronyms
    172. Where is the euro legal tender?
    173. How do you spell euro?
    174. Sound familiar?
    175. JAK Members Bank
    176. Banana Money
    177. World’s smallest banknote
    178. Rates of passage
    179. 90lb coins
    180. Currency symbols from around the world
    181. £5 through time
    182. Das Kapital
    183. Types of yield curve
    184. Money market yield curve
    185. Pioneers of finance
    186. Interesting counter-arguments
    187. Stock market adages
    188. Fictional currencies
    189. Quick money
    190. Odd financial terms and names
    191. The fortune line
    192. Formula for happiness and misery
    193. Big Mac Index
    194. Happiness is a full wallet
    195. IMF
    196. Newton’s mint
    197. Special Drawing right (SDR)
    198. Cash is not everything
    199. Hi Ho silver
    200. Money slang
    201. Euro mint marks
    202. The state of quarters today
    203. UK chancellors
    204. Fixed exchange rates of pre-euro currencies
    205. Origins of the London Stock Exchange
    206. Tax freedom day
    207. The selfish butcher
    208. Security features of euro banknotes
    209. Taxes on the poorest 30%
    210. Taxes on the richest 30%
    211. Monarchs on UK banknotes
    212. 1929 recovery
    213. Buying bread
    214. Income received by the richest 10%
    215. Imports from USA
    216. Origin of dividends
    217. Cost of mail
    218. Liberty
    219. Candlestick cheat sheet
    220. History of the Financial Times
    221. Commemorative 50p coin designs
    222. Commemorative £2 coin design
    223. Commemorative £5 coin designs
    224. How UK tax is spent
    225. Debt management
    226. UK taxpayers
    227. Ten important books about economics
    228. Retail price index
    229. Gold fixing
    230. Coining offences at the Old Bailey
    231. Offshore financial centres
    232. Caesar
    233. English dollars
    234. Queen’s head
    235. Types of plastic card fraud
    236. US stocks and bonds
    237. What are you worth?
    238. Agorist class theory
    239. Economic systems
    240. How to launder money
    241. Informal economy
    242. UK government salaries
    243. Equilibrium price in the prostitution sector
    244. Facts?
    245. Advice for smugglers
    246. Wife selling
    247. Declining wealth of distinguished doctors
    248. What does it cost – agriculture?
    249. Things money can’t buy
    250. Ten rules for trading
    251. Trades on the NYSE
    252. Poor in the USA
    253. The value of income reinvestment
    254. NHS
    255. 600 acres of farmland
    256. A frank assessment
    257. Losses of rogue traders
    258. Richest people in Britain
    259. How the richest got their money
    260. Mutilated banknotes
    261. One-armed economist
    262. World’s largest banknote
    263. Notes printed in America
    264. Original constituents of the FT 30 industrial index, 1935
    265. An undertaking of great advantage
    266. Five notable corporate blunders
    267. Credit card ownership
    268. International bribe payers index
    269. National economic freedom
    270. Chip and PIN
    271. UK stock indices
    272. Public sector wealth
    273. January effect
    274. Revolution is closer than you think
    275. United States Secret Service
    276. FTSE 100 Index
    277. Importance of money
    278. Foreign exchange and gold reserves
    279. Paper currency
    280. Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway
    281. That’s enough money for me
    282. What does it cost – travel?
    283. Monopoly
    284. The weight of money
    285. Performance of the FTSE All-Share Index
    286. On shrimps and copper
    287. Pension pot
    288. The long-term
    289. Everyone should have some silver
    290. A parting thought
  5. References
    1. Books
    2. Academic papers
    3. Websites