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Have it your way

Book Description

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone saw things your way a little more often? How much easier it would be to get things done and achieve what you set out to do. With the help of Have it your way you can learn how to turn every situation to your own advantage by employing clever influencing methods to bring about the results you desire. Whether it's getting your teenager to come home by the agreed curfew time or persuading your boss to give your amazing idea a chance to prove its worth, Have it your way can help. Learn how to read minds, recognise the difference between wants and needs, pick the best time to pitch your idea and discover many more brilliant ideas for using your powers of persuasion for getting your own way. The expert advice of Nicholas Bate will enable readers to prioritise their lives, identify their goals and achieve their dreams -– all on their own terms.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Brilliant features
  6. Introduction
  7. 1. How to read minds
  8. 2. What must you get? And what would be nice?
  9. 3. Become a people wizard
  10. 4. Take off your ‘black hat’
  11. 5. He did what ? She actually said that?
  12. 6. No, not now! Get your timing right
  13. 7. Choose the right place
  14. 8. Have a plan – and use it
  15. 9. You might need to act, so rehearse
  16. 10. What to do if it goes awry
  17. 11. Get an outsider’s view
  18. 12. Pretend to get an outsider’s view
  19. 13. Keep trying
  20. 14. Aim high
  21. 15. Stick to your main point
  22. 16. Have emotions, but don’t be emotional
  23. 17. Have fun
  24. 18. Que? Speak their language
  25. 19. WIIFM? (What’s in it for me?)
  26. 20. No more toddler tears: theirs or ours
  27. 21. Young adults: where did your kids go?
  28. 22. Men! How to influence your Martian
  29. 23. Women! How to influence your Venusian
  30. 24. Wedded bliss
  31. 25. Handling the boss
  32. 26. Influencing the bank
  33. 27. Influencing mum and dad
  34. 28. Love thy neighbour
  35. 29. When you need to influence a group
  36. 30. Put it in writing
  37. 31. Be honest
  38. 32. Convince them to like you
  39. 33. What was she wearing? Did you see his tie?
  40. 34. Ask, don’t tell
  41. 35. Slow down: achieve more
  42. 36. Give and take
  43. 37. What are your priorities?
  44. 38. The facts, just the facts
  45. 39. Thank
  46. 40. Listen – really listen
  47. 41. Learn, learn, learn
  48. 42. It’s not just what you say
  49. 43. Keep it private: be loyal
  50. 44. Stuck? Then try something new
  51. 45. Have it your way by being flexible
  52. 46. Keep a journal
  53. 47. Discuss what will help, not what won’t
  54. 48. Live and let live
  55. 49. Summarise (and agree)
  56. 50. Be polite and be persistent
  57. 51. Be sensitive to ‘buy-in’ signals
  58. 52. Remember the dark side
  59. The End