Chapter 3. Dealing with Menus and Screen Flow

In this chapter, we'll add the UI and screen flow for our game. We'll start by building the splash screen that will appear when the game first loads, then we'll revisit the level end screen and make it look cooler. Finally, we'll update our in-game heads-up display (HUD).

Throughout the chapter, we'll also use some cool HaxeFlixel features that will easily make our UI feel more exciting.

Here's a rundown of the sections in this chapter:

  • Project updates
  • Building the splash screen
  • Updating the level end screen
  • Adding the new game HUD
  • Adding the HUD to the game
  • Project updates

To start, we'll update our project by adding the new art assets and changing our default FlxState class.

Adding new assets

Copy all of the ...

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