Appendix C: Interview
Questions Asked of Staff
Members on Current
Hazmat Policies, Practices,
and Procedures
1. What is your current position at the University?
2. When did you start working for the University?
3. What is your current responsibility with regard to compliance with
federal and state HAZMAT regulations with regard to researchers
and the contracts received?
4. Are the facilities up to par for research contracts and grants received?
5. Do we follow CDC/NIH standards for lab construction on anything
related to biologic research?
6. What laboratory protocols are currently standard and at use in
the University?
7. What biosafety level is the Research One building currently congured?
8. Does the University currently address the use of international stu-
dents on contracts and grants with regard to the Patriot Act?
9. What is the procedure for ensuring compliance of animal and
human experimentation to federal guidelines?
10. Who ensures compliance at the University with regard to this?
11. What mechanism determines the specications that laboratories are
constructed at?
12. What are the policies for access to Research One and transportation
of animals across campus?

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