Chapter 1. Setting Up HBase Cluster

In this chapter, we will cover:

  • Quick start
  • Getting ready on Amazon EC2
  • Setting up Hadoop
  • Setting up ZooKeeper
  • Changing the kernel settings
  • Setting up HBase
  • Basic Hadoop/ZooKeeper/HBase configurations
  • Setting up multiple High Availability (HA) masters


This chapter explains how to set up HBase cluster, from a basic standalone HBase instance to a fully distributed, highly available HBase cluster on Amazon EC2.

According to Apache HBase's home page:

HBase is the Hadoop database. Use HBase when you need random, real-time, read/write access to your Big Data. This project's goal is the hosting of very large tables—billions of rows X millions of columns—atop clusters of commodity hardware.

HBase can run against any ...

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