Installing HBase

HBase is an Apache project and the current Version, 0.98.7, of HBase is available as a stable release. HBase Version 0.98.7 supersedes Version 0.94.x and 0.96.x.


This book only focuses on HBase Version 0.98.7, as this version is fully supported and tested with Hadoop Versions 2.x and deprecates the use of Hadoop 1.x.

Hadoop 2.x is much faster compared to Hadoop 1.x and includes important bug fixes that will improve the overall HBase performance.

Older versions, 0.96.x, of HBase which are now extinct, supported both versions of Hadoop (1.x and 2.x). The HBase version prior to 0.96.x only supported Hadoop 1.x.

HBase is written in Java, works on top of Hadoop, and relies on ZooKeeper. A HBase cluster can be set up in either local ...

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