REST clients

HBase has a close relationship with Java. In the Java world, REST is a way to interact with objects over the Web. HBase provides the REST service that runs as a separate process and communicates with HBase. This REST service uses the same client API to access HBase.

Getting started

For a REST-based client to make a connection to an HBase cluster, first start the REST server on the HBase Master as follows:

[root@localhost bin]# hbase rest
usage: bin/hbase rest start [--infoport <arg>] [-p <arg>] [-ro]
    --infoport <arg>   Port for web UI
 -p,--port <arg>       Port to bind to [default: 8080]
 -ro,--readonly        Respond only to GET HTTP method requests [default:

To run the REST server as a daemon, execute the following command:

bin/ ...

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