Why You Need an Untouchable Day Every Week

by Neil Pasricha

I used to be one of those “wake up at 4 a.m.” or “keep chugging ’til 4 a.m.” guys who grinds away at work for hours while everybody else sleeps. It’s how I wrote a thousand blog posts in a thousand days. But I now understand that you can only drive in the express lane for so long before the wheels come off.

I’m no longer that guy. Now when I get home after work, I soak in time with my wife and two little boys. I finally found a solution that I feel has saved my career, my time, and my sanity. If you’re with me right now, I bet you need this solution too: I call it “Untouchable Days.”

These are days when I am literally 100% unreachable in any way . . . by anyone.

Untouchable ...

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