Parents, Take Your Sick Days

by Tim Sullivan

Quick Takes

  • Commit to taking time off when you’re not feeling well
  • Try working from home—but only if you’re well enough
  • Be direct when you call in sick
  • Create standard practices with your team for sick time
  • Set expectations with your family for when parents are sick

Recently, I did something radical: I took a sick day.

I hadn’t been well for a few days, but I’d dutifully worked per usual. When I woke up on day three at 4:30 in the morning sicker than ever, I realized that I had to actually take time off. Like, really take time off—no email, no memo writing, no “just checking in.” So, I did: I napped, played video games, cuddled the dog, watched Netflix, drank some broth. By the end of the day, ...

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